Nor1 the Leader in Hospitality Merchandising Technology

Nor1’s hospitality merchandising platform increases revenue throughout the full reservation lifecycle while boosting guest satisfaction.

Nor1 delivers data-driven merchandising solutions that maximize revenue for hotels, resorts and casinos worldwide such as Hilton, Accor, IHG, Caesars Entertainment, Wyndham, and Carlson Rezidor. We take a personalized approach to upselling; it’s about knowing the guest, anticipating their needs and surpassing their expectations. At Nor1, we’re creating the fusion of technology and guest experience.


eStandby Upgrade® Pre-arrival

Nor1's pre-arrival, easy-to-manage program actively increases RevPAR and
boosts guest satisfaction.

eStandby Upgrade® empowers hotels, resorts and casinos to monetize premium inventory and services that may otherwise go unused and undervalued—and to relieve oversold situations. More importantly, hospitality companies can deepen their relationships with guests by creating active, meaningful interactions that build brand loyalty through personalized experiences.


eXpress Upgrades

Enabling hotels and resorts to make confirmed upsells to their guests based on last-minute available inventory.

eXpress Upgrade™ delivers upsell offers that take into consideration eStandby® requests and can be scheduled all the way to day of check-in.


CheckIn Merchandising™ Check-in

An empowering upsell solution that intelligently makes the right offer for the right guest at check-in.

CheckIn Merchandising™ dynamically extends intelligent upsell offers to potentially all guests checking into a hotel, regardless of their booking channel or the availability of contact data. This sophisticated and smart upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to give each guest a better experience while boosting the property's bottom-line.


eReach™ On-property

Actively engage your customers throughout the full reservation lifecycle.

The first and only complete customer merchandising solution—eReach™ empowers the hospitality industry to stay connected to their guests throughout the full reservation lifecycle. Whether through a mobile device (app or email), desktop or tablet—eReach enables hotels, resorts and casinos to actively merchandise services that increases revenue and enhances the guest experience.


Nor1 Post Chekout

Stay connected to your guests after check-out.

Nor1's eReach™ allows hospitality companies to continue building guest relationships after their trip has ended. Send personalized offers based on past guest activity in order to entice return bookings and improve guest loyalty.