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The Smart Solution For Pricing and Merchandising
Nor1’s signature solution, is an easy-to-manage program that increases
RevPAR and
boosts guest satisfaction.
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An empowering new upsell solution that intelligently makes the right offer for the right guest at check-in. Read more >
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Nor1’s mobile upsell solution delivers targeted relevant, timely offers powered by PRiME.
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Nor1 Upsell Solutions Increase Hotel Revenue and Boosts Guest Satisfaction

Nor1 delivers data-driven pricing and merchandising solutions to maximize RevPAR for hotels and resorts worldwide such as Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and Kempinski Hotels. We take a personalized approach to upselling; it’s about knowing the guests, anticipating their needs and surpassing their expectations. That’s what we are helping hotels to do. At Nor1, we’re creating the fusion of technology and guest experience.

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I Want an eStandby Upgrade!
I want an eStandby Upgrade!
eStandby Upgrades are exclusive upgrade deals offered by hotels and resort worldwide. Each offer is as individual as you are and are a great way to take advantage of a hotel’s premium inventories and services if they are available when you check in to the hotel. Learn More!

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