CheckIn Merchandising™

CheckIn Merchandising™ enables front desk teams to maximize revenue and guest satisfaction by making consistent and effective upsell offers.

CheckIn Merchandising™ creates dynamic and intelligent upsell offers for potentially every hotel guest, regardless of booking channel or the availability of contact data. This sophisticated, data-driven upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to boost the property’s bottom line while also providing every customer with a better experience.

Benefits of Nor1’s CheckIn Merchandising™

Optimizes revenue through intelligent upsell offers and pricing

– Averages $2+ incremental RevPAR for business hotels and $4-6+ for resort/destination; most goes straight to the bottom line

Increases guest engagement and satisfaction

– “What’s measured is managed and increased.” Our real-time performance metrics motivate a team to engage every customer with a strategic merchandising offer that enhances the guest experience

– Surveys show that guests receiving paid or unpaid upgrades experience a 10-20% higher satisfaction level

Creates operational efficiency and reduces expensive overhead

– Turns all front desk agents into empowered and engaged upsellers

– Saves significant team and agent effort at check-in

– Also saves time, which the team can use to focus on serving guests

Nor1 CheckIn Merchandising is a necessity at every hotel. Since implementing, we have seen monthly room upsell revenue increases of up to 750%. The program has a responsive and impressively efficient user interface that is simple to navigate and use, and a team behind it that has been beyond responsive and supportive. I highly recommend this tool to all hoteliers.

Kimberly Reed

Director of Front Office/Reservations

Boston Park Plaza

Intelligent Offers

CheckIn Merchandising™ makes front desk personnel confident about presenting every upsell offer, knowing it was created with real-time intelligence that predicts the guest’s willingness to accept. It provides the right offers for both your premium rooms and your non-room “add-ons” (such as restaurant, spa, bar) for both business and leisure guests. Our patented, data-driven PRiME® engine is the innovative backbone to Nor1’s full-reservation-lifecycle merchandising platform CheckIn Merchandising™.

Premium Room Offers
Non-Room “Add-On” Offers

Scripted offers appear in an easy-to-use application that doesn’t depend on an employee’s sales competency. These offers reduce the time agents spend upselling and ensure that upsells occur even at peak check-in time.

Real-Time Agent Performance Dashboard

Provides an easy-to-use, motivating solution for hotel agents to view, track and compare their performance against goals and the rest of the team.

Today’s Arrivals
  • Helps check-in agent to find guests easily and quickly
  • Instantly identifies the recommended action for each arrival
  • Facilitates intelligent and effective guest communication
Management Reporting : Agent Performance and Incentive Tracking

CheckIn Merchandising™ Management Reporting tracks agent performance in a variety of customizable formats. Nor1’s CheckIn Merchandising™ can be configured to automate a staff incentive program, which motivates usage and compliance and drives guest and employee satisfaction as well as revenue.

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