Consumers are becoming savvier in their selection of goods and services. Nor1 solutions provide a clearer understanding of what consumers want and will pay for, and improve the way those products and services are offered to them.

Nor1 is the technology leader in upsell solutions. We understand the science of upselling. We use predictive analytics and real-time decisioning to intelligently extend and enhance a traveler’s hotel stay. Our data-driven upsell solutions are engineered to create a real-time, meaningful dialogue travelers, which anticipates their needs and delivers on their expectations.

Our patented technologies are focused on perishable inventory serving a variety of industries, while our core solutions are designed to service the hospitality industry.

Staffed with a dedicated team of engineers, statisticians, hospitality leaders and e-commerce professionals, Nor1 is focused on one objective – building the superior technology standard for pricing and merchandising.

Founder and co-CEO Art Norins based the original concept for Nor1 on his own experiences in traveling as a business executive. He noticed numerous upgraded rooms and suites went unused at hotels night after night, and that many travelers wished they had taken advantage of better rooms and services. So he created and patented the process of monetizing that unsold inventory and matching it with travelers who would be willing to pay a reduced price for it upon check-in. Art linked up with Jason Bryant, and Nor1 and its patented eStandby Upgrade® were born; giving companies with perishable inventories (such as hotel rooms) the ability to add bottom-line value. 

The early days were spent in the lobby of the Mövenpick Hotel in Switzerland and coding in an office in Wiesbaden, Germany. Our numbers grew from 2 to 10 and then 20 to 50. Along the way, Nor1 operations moved to Silicon Valley and we set up shop in the hallowed halls of the Plug and Play Tech Center, from which many a successful start-up have hailed. And as eStandby Upgrade scaled in both development and customer adoption, so did our numbers.

Today, Nor1 is the technology leader in upsell solutions managed by seasoned entrepreneurs, Jason Bryant and Art Norins.With new headquarters in Santa Clara, Nor1 has 100+ global employees, offices in Singapore, Frankfurt and San Jose del Cabo.

Nor1 is revolutionizing the way travel suppliers please their guests while growing their bottom-lines.

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