Our Solutions

Current technological advances let all of us feel a bit more connected. Companies are finding new ways to better understand their customers and cater to them. At Nor1, we take it a step further.  

End-to-End Upselling: Nor1 Solution Overview


We are helping hotels to better know their guests by delivering relevant and targeted communications in order to boost guest experience.  Our breakthrough Decision Intelligence engine, PRiME®, powers Nor1’s upsell solutions. It uses math, statistics and technology to create relevant communcations and offers that are dynamically targeted, optimally priced, and cleverly displayed. Nor1 is the first company to provide this level of technological sophistication for the hospitality industry.

Nor1 shares in our customers’ commitment to generating increased transactional revenue. In turn, that creates new opportunities. Whether we are working with a global hospitality brand or an individual property, Nor1 empowers our customers to take control of their rates and inventory, and the quality of their guest interactions.


Benefits of Nor1’s End-to-end Upsell Platform

  • Consistently managed and maintained at all touch points: Web, Email, GDS/OTA, Front desk, Intra-stay
  • Cloud-based upgrade hierarchy and price management utility
  • PRiME optimizes post-confirmation upsell prices within boundaries set by properties and brand standards
  • Manage, track and reward properties and employees across brand, chains and properties

“Nor1’s eStandby has allowed Destination to drive short-term incremental revenue at several hotels. eStandby’s key benefit is that nothing is guaranteed at booking, so if the hotel can obtain full up-sell value, the hotel is not committed to upgrade if the room is not available. It’s truly a win-win: incremental revenue for the hotel, tremendous value for the guest.”

Tyler Williams
Vice President Revenue Services
Destination Hotels & Resorts