eReach infographicNor1’s mobile upsell solution delivers targeted, relevant, timely offers powered by PRiME®.


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The first and only complete customer engagement platform, eReach allows hotels to stay connected to their customers through their mobile device throughout the travel lifecycle. eReach allows you to present relevant upsell offers—at the right place, and at the right time—to increase revenue and enhance the guest experience.

eReach uses the industry’s most sophisticated pricing and merchandising engine, PRiME®, to make dynamic, guest-centric, and individually customized, upsell offers. The patented PRiME decision platform takes into account all the important factors for the trip and the guest in order to return the optimal upsell offer.

Driving Demand at Every Turn

Anticipating your customer’s needs and desires has often been equated to the elusive white elephant. With Nor1, not only can we better predict your customer’s willingness to pay for products and services but we guarantee that they’ll be happier when they do.   We work with each hotel partner  to enable highly targeted, relevant and timely offers at every point of a guest’s experience with a property.

The timing of an upsell offer is as important as what to offer a guest. 

  • A man boards an airplane headed to his vacation destination.  When the plane lands and he’s on his way to his hotel, he receives an anticipatory mobile message from the property welcoming him to the city and reminding him of transportation options to the hotel.
  • A woman checks into a hotel. Shortly after getting to her room, she receives a custom mobile message welcoming her to the hotel and making her aware of various hotel amenities and things to do.
  • Upon checking out of a hotel, a businessman receives an email from the property thanking him for his stay and providing an offer enticing him to return to the hotel on his next business trip.

With eReach, hoteliers have the opportunity to target their guests with customized communications at various points throughout the guest’s travel cycle: from pre-stay to checkout.

eReach is the Mobile upsell solution from Nor1 that facilitates these targeted interactions. With each contact our decision intelligence engine, PRiME, collects valuable data insights into guest behavior.  Those insights are then analyzed to better predict the guests’ needs and formulate relevant upsell offers and timely communications that continue to get more targeted with each subsequent interaction.