CheckIn Merchandising™

CheckIn Merchandising™ enables front desk teams to maximize revenue and guest satisfaction by making consistent and effective upsell offers.

CheckIn Merchandising™ creates dynamic and intelligent upsell offers for potentially every hotel guest, regardless of booking channel or the availability of contact data. This sophisticated, data-driven upsell solution empowers front desk personnel to boost the property’s bottom line while also providing every customer with a better experience.

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Benefits of Nor1's CheckIn Merchandising™

Optimizes revenue through intelligent upsell offers and pricing

– Averages $2+ incremental RevPAR for business hotels and $4-6+ for resort/destination; most goes straight to the bottom line

Increases guest engagement and satisfaction

– “What’s measured is managed and increased.” Our real-time performance metrics motivate a team to engage every customer with a strategic merchandising offer that enhances the guest experience

– Surveys show that guests receiving paid or unpaid upgrades experience a 10-20% higher satisfaction level

Creates operational efficiency and reduces expensive overhead

– Turns all front desk agents into empowered and engaged upsellers

– Saves significant team and agent effort at check-in

– Also saves time, which the team can use to focus on serving guests

Nor1 CheckIn Merchandising is a necessity at every hotel. Since implementing, we have seen monthly room upsell revenue increases of up to 750%. The program has a responsive and impressively efficient user interface that is simple to navigate and use, and a team behind it that has been beyond responsive and supportive. I highly recommend this tool to all hoteliers.
Kimberly Reed
Director of Front Office/Reservations Boston Park Plaza
After having such great success utilizing Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade® across Highgate's entire portfolio of hotels, we now consider it a mainstay in our upgrade strategy. Once the other components of the Nor1 Merchandising Platform, eXpress Upgrade™ and CheckIn Merchandising™ became available to Highgate, we anticipated that implementing them across our independent hotels would not only expand upon eStandby's success, but provide additional operational benefits as well. We were not disappointed. Everyone at Highgate has been absolutely delighted that both the early performance results and the synergies associated with utilizing an integrated upgrade platform have exceeded our expectations.
Kerry Mack
EVP of Revenue & Distribution Highgate
Intelligent Offers

CheckIn Merchandising™ makes front desk personnel confident about presenting every upsell offer, knowing it was created with real-time intelligence that predicts the guest’s willingness to accept. It provides the right offers for both your premium rooms and your non-room “add-ons” (such as restaurant, spa, bar) for both business and leisure guests. Our patented, data-driven PRiME® engine is the innovative backbone to Nor1’s full-reservation-lifecycle merchandising platform CheckIn Merchandising™.

Premium Room Offers
Non-Room “Add-On” Offers


Scripted offers appear in an easy-to-use application that doesn’t depend on an employee’s sales competency. These offers reduce the time agents spend upselling and ensure that upsells occur even at peak check-in time.

Real-Time Agent Performance Dashboard

Provides an easy-to-use, motivating solution for hotel agents to view, track and compare their performance against goals and the rest of the team.

Today’s Arrivals
  • Helps check-in agent to find guests easily and quickly
  • Instantly identifies the recommended action for each arrival
  • Facilitates intelligent and effective guest communication
Management Reporting : Agent Performance and Incentive Tracking

CheckIn Merchandising™ Management Reporting tracks agent performance in a variety of customizable formats. Nor1’s CheckIn Merchandising™ can be configured to automate a staff incentive program, which motivates usage and compliance and drives guest and employee satisfaction as well as revenue.

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