An Upsell Offer: Nor1 to Further Maximize Revenue Opportunities for Partner Hotels on MICROS OPERA

February 14, 2012 | 5:00 PM
An Upsell Offer: Nor1 to Further Maximize Revenue Opportunities for Partner Hotels on MICROS OPERA

SUNNYVALE, CA – February 14, 2012 – In a move that could enable nearly 22,000 hotel properties to quickly increase revenue and customer satisfaction, Nor1, Inc., the technology leader in upsell solutions, announced today the integration of its pricing and merchandising solutions with OPERA, MICROS’s industry-leading Enterprise Solution.

The agreement between Nor1 and MICROS is a partnership fueled by common customers such as Hilton, Hyatt, Fairmont, Carlson, and Joie de Vivre, and the desire to help their hotels maximize revenue opportunities at every turn.

Like MICROS, we’ve also listened closely to needs of the property-level staff and their guests to develop pricing and merchandising technologies such as eStandby Upgrade that provide hoteliers a competitive advantage,” said Jason Bryant, President and COO for Nor1, Inc. “By using our data-driven, buyer-centric approach, hotels can actually target each guest as an individual, generating immediate revenue, and strengthening guest loyalty.

Nor1’s eStandby Upgrade is a revenue enhancement solution that is providing hotels on six continents real bottom-line lift and overall guest satisfaction. It does this through PRiME™, the pricing and merchandising engine, which dynamically analyzes over a million points of data to more accurately identify the right product selection, upsell pricing, and display ranking decisions for each individual guest. Now eStandby Upgrade hotels running MICROS OPERA will have access to deep insight into all their guests, ensuring more relevant and targeted offers.

To streamline the process of awarding upgrades and allocating inventory in an optimal fashion, the Nor1/MICROS integration enables hotel staff to make the upgrading decisions in a single tool, containing all data necessary. Once an upgrading decision has been made, the corresponding reservation records are automatically updated in MICROS OPERA, and the communication to the guest is added.

MICROS OPERA provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs from fulfilling reservations, accommodating in-house guest needs, to handling accounting and billing. The property management software is configurable to each property’s specific requirements and operates in either single-property or multi-property mode, with all properties in a complex sharing a single database. The reservation system easily managing all types of reservation from individual, group and party, company, travel agent, multi-legged, multi-rate, and waitlisted.

About Nor1 Inc.

Nor1, Inc. is the technology leader in upsell solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Nor1 provides data-driven pricing and merchandising solutions to maximize revenues for hotels and resorts worldwide including Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental and Carlson hotels. Nor1 products include its signature eStandby Upgrade® and the FrontDesk Upsell™ both powered by PRiME™, the decision intelligence engine, that makes product selection, upsell pricing, and display ranking decisions customized for each hotel guest.

Nor1 is creating the fusion between technology and guest experience. It’s that combination of expertise and skill that have set Nor1 apart and continues to attract technology’s most distinguished investors such as Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit

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