Nor1 Adds Mobile Based Confirmed Upsell Through Its eXpress Upgrade™ Product

January 19, 2017 | 7:00 AM
Nor1 Adds Mobile Based Confirmed Upsell Through Its eXpress Upgrade™ Product

January 19, 2017 – Silicon Valley, CA – Continuing its mission to provide upsell opportunities throughout the hotel booking lifecycle, Nor1 introduces eXpress Upgrade™, which offers guests confirmed upgrades based on real-time inventory with pricing and merchandising through Nor1’s patented PRiME® engine and works seamlessly with all other Nor1 Merchandising Platform products.

eXpress Upgrade™ is the next piece in our vision of offering the right upgrade at the right time at the right price,” said Jason Bryant, CEO and founder of Nor1. “We see great potential in eXpress Upgrade™ for mobile users. It continues to build out our vision of offering upgrades and optimizing revenue throughout the booking lifecycle.

The industry leader in upsell, Nor1 now offers hotels the ability to engage the guest throughout the reservation:

  • Offer upgrades on a standby basis through eStandby Upgrade®, used by Hilton, Accor, IHG, Carlson/Rezidor, Caesars and many more.
  • Offer confirmed upgrades closer to the time of arrival through eXpress Upgrade™.
  • Offer front-desk upgrades through its Checkin Merchandising™ product.

eXpress Upgrade™ requires two-way integration with the Nor1 partner, which provides access to real-time rates and inventory, and the ability to modify bookings. eXpress Upgrade™ can be configured to be presented to the guest via booking channels or time-based rules. All offers are powered by Nor1’s PRiME engine for pricing and merchandising.

The ability for a guest to confirm an upgrade in real-time via eXpress Upgrade™ opens up another level of opportunity for our customers,” said Norm Shaw, Senior Director of Product and Integration at Nor1. “With the increased emphasis on digital check-in in the industry, we think eXpress Upgrade™ is the perfect tool to capture upsell revenue with no additional work required by the property.

About Nor1 Inc.

Nor1, Inc. is the leader in hospitality merchandising technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Nor1 provides data-driven pricing and merchandising solutions to maximize incremental revenues for hotels and resorts worldwide such as Hilton, IHG, Carlson Rezidor, Accor, and Wyndham. Nor1′s patented, dynamic decisions intelligence engine PRiME®, powers Nor1′s Merchandising and Intelligence Platform including its signature eStandby Upgrade®, eXpress Upgrade™, CheckIn Merchandising™, and eReach™ products.

Nor1 is creating the fusion between technology and guest experience. It’s that combination of expertise and skill that have set Nor1 apart and continues to attract technology’s most distinguished investors such as SAP, Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit

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