Nor1 and Infor Implement Real-Time, Two-Way Integration at Highgate Hotels

November 12, 2019 – Silicon Valley, CA
Nor1 and Infor Implement Real-Time, Two-Way Integration at Highgate Hotels

Nor1, a global leader in hospitality upgrade, upsell, and merchandising technology, and Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced a successful deployment with Highgate Hotels. The project encompassed a real-time, two-way integration between Infor HMS, a hotel property management system built for the cloud with flexibility, security, efficiency, and mobile capabilities, and Nor1’s machine-learning based platform, including eStandby Upgrade, eXpress Upgrade, and CheckIn Merchandising, at several Highgate hotels in the U.S.

“Highgate has a history of using best-in-class technology, and we’re happy to have two of our most valued partners, Infor and Nor1, working together,” says Kerry Mack, Executive Vice President of Revenue and Distribution for Highgate. “Real-time two-way integration between Infor HMS and Nor1 products allows Highgate to deliver customized experiences powered by Nor1’s Upsell Platform during pre-arrival and at the front desk. The seamless connection between Infor HMS and the Nor1 platform streamlines operations and reduces overhead, allowing Highgate to maximize revenue while providing an unrivaled guest experience.”

Teams at Highgate will see immediate benefits from this integration and go-live on Nor1. Through eStandby Upgrade during pre-arrival users are able to see available inventory inside the Nor1 portal when actioning upgrade requests without having to flip between two applications, and through the use of sophisticated business rules, can allow automated awarding of certain requests, reducing time needed to administer pre-arrival upgrade requests. In addition, using eXpress Upgrade immediately prior to arrival will enable confirmed upsell emails with no overhead on the part of the property, based on real-time availability and automated reservation updating. CheckIn Merchandising at the front desk will present upsell offers for clean and vacant rooms at a price based on the hotel’s revenue strategy and allow agents to quickly see and describe offers without having to search for availability or refer to paper or spreadsheets for pricing. Any changes to reservations are then recorded in the HMS.

“We are pleased to partner with Infor,” says Jason Bryant, Founder and CEO of Nor1. “We have many joint customers, and with this two-way integration, we can offer those hotels integration that will drive demand and increase conversions, keep operational impact low, improve the guest experience, and drive revenue.”

Infor HMS is a specialized, multi-departmental property management platform for the hospitality industry that integrates front-office and on-property technology to better manage room availability, dynamic pricing, and guest profiles in order to boost profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Through this digital transformation, hotels will be able to better track guest preferences, simplify reservations and provide consistent quality and services. Infor HMS unifies multiple hotel functions into a single application, allowing hotels to consolidate information on the performance of multiple properties, create customized reports and ultimately make better forecasts and business decisions.

The real-time two-way integration between Nor1 products and HMS will allow hotels using Infor HMS to generate upsell revenue at various guest touchpoints during pre-arrival and check-in.

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