Nor1 Unveils PRiME, the Industry-leading Pricing and Merchandising Technology Platform

November 1, 2012 | 5:02 PM
Nor1 Unveils PRiME, the Industry-leading Pricing and Merchandising Technology Platform

SILICON VALLEY – November 1, 2011 – In a move that revolutionizes the way in which travel suppliers monetize their products and services, Nor1, Inc. unveiled today its patent-pending pricing and merchandising platform, PRiME™.

PRiME - Decision Intelligence TechnologyThe decision intelligence engine provides Nor1 customers a competitive advantage by increasing the value of unused inventories while maintaining the price integrity of their products.

The statistically driven PRiME engine instantly analyzes millions of points of data to make product selection, pricing, and display ranking decisions that are most likely to ensure incremental revenue. Nor1’s unprecedented analytics uniquely enable its customers, like some of the world’s largest hotel chains including Hilton, Hyatt, and Carlson Hotels, to more precisely predict the perceived value of their products and services.

Nor1’s commitment to our customers is to help them establish the value of their premium inventory and maximize revenue opportunities at every turn,” said Jason Bryant, President and COO of Nor1, Inc. “PRiME is built with the most advanced science and technology of Silicon Valley that can channel demand, while ensuring it’s in line with consumer preferences.

Thousands of hotels currently using Nor1’s industry-leading eStandby UpgradeÒ solution will all soon benefit from the integrated pricing and merchandising platform, PRiME, that instantaneously identifies product preferences and price sensitivities of their guests. The results are individually targeted up-sell offers that generate immediate revenue and fosters customer loyalty that assures long term revenue.

PRiME Benefits:

  • PRiME merges real-time reservation data with historical data on the hotel and the guest.
  • PRiME gives control of parameter management directly to the properties.
  • PRiME identifies the most relevant products to offer to guests.
  • PRiME determines the offers’ optimal prices and assortments.
  • PRiME generates the best offers from the start, and then automatically gets smarter with each new reservation.

About Nor1, Inc.Nor1 provides cutting edge pricing and merchandising technology solutions to leading hotels and resorts worldwide including Hilton, Hyatt and Carlson hotels. The Silicon Valley based technology company leverages its innovative and patented pricing and merchandising engine, PRiME™, to intelligently maximize the revenue and profits from its customers’ perishable inventories and redefine customer relationships through data-driven pricing strategies. With an evolving suite of product and services, including its signature eStandby Upgrade® solution, Nor1 is creating the fusion between technology and customer experience.

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